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When you discover that your child is going to require special education services at school, you may feel overwhelmed and underprepared. The school may say they know exactly how to provide what she needs, but you may want another opinion outside of the school to verify that. Or your child’s needs may be uncommon and the school isn’t sure how to meet his needs. You may have to help educate the educators and not know quite where to start.

I support parents in their journey along the special education path by helping them advocate for their child. Your child’s needs are a constantly moving target, sometimes requiring many course corrections. It can help to have someone with you on the journey to help navigate.


Records Review & Observation

In order to discuss specific issues about your child, I need to review his or her educational record. It should be as complete as possible. If needed, I can help you complete the file. I also want to observe your child at school in order to understand the classroom environment and see how your child interacts with staff, students and the environment itself.



I provide telephone, email, and Skype consultations to answer questions and provide guidance. I can also consult with members of your child’s education or therapy team (including physicians and therapists). Most of these consultations are over the phone, but I am available for video Skype, as well.



I am available to meet in person at your home or a coffee shop, etc.  I can provide support for all school meetings, including IEP and disciplinary meetings. I believe one of the best uses of an advocate is at your child’s very first IEP meeting. If you never use an advocate again, I strongly recommend having that support initially.



You are your child’s first and best advocate, but sometimes parents benefit from a little coaching. I am happy to help you prepare for phone calls or meetings and to help you write those important follow-up letters.